Gift Jelly Drops water sweets this Christmas!

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You can now enjoy the holidays with our festive edition of Jelly Drops! It's the sweet gift that keeps on giving - 10% of profits go to the Alzheimer's Society. 

This year, Christmas will be different. Many of us will have to face that we won't be able to see our loved ones. By gifting Jelly Drops, we can care on a distance and make a difference for the people we will miss the most. 

For your loves ones, Jelly Drops can make it fun and easy to stay on top of fluid intake again. The delicious sweets, made of 95% water, have the potential to turn what can be a horrible struggle into a highlight of the day. 

For the many people now living in isolation, or really anyone struggling to get enough fluids on their own, having access to water sweets can be a game changer.

Our community says it best:

"WOW! Thanks for bringing colour and cheeky laughter back from my mum. My mum loves the bright colours , the smell and the texture. Her water intake has increased and she looks forward to getting eating them. When she sees the packet , she says "oh I will be having one of those sweeties then", and laughs which is just a joy to see! I would HIGHLY recommend these to anyone in my mums position its the best decision we ever made"! 

MS, Oct 2020

Want Jelly Drops for Christmas?

We expect to sell out and encourage you to pre-order to secure your Jelly Drops delivery. Pre-orders come in a limited festive edition and 10% of profits go to the Alzheimer's Society - our partner and the UK's leading dementia charity! Pre-order before the 27th of November here

The festive edition comes with our signature natural flavours (strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, lemon and lime) and is decorated with a Christmas sleeve.

What's in it?

  • Each box contains 24 drops and 300ml of water
  • Made of 95% water and added electrolytes, natural flavours and non-artificial colours
  • Sugar free, vegan and with no laxative effect
  • Solid texture, they don’t burst but are easy to chew
  • 6 natural flavours: strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, orange, lemon and lime

We really hope you will enjoy the holidays with Jelly Drops - it's the perfect sweet gift that matters for the people you care about most!