Fantastic review by The Independent!

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We're so glad to be able to share this honest and heartfelt review with you. It's written by one of our long standing customers and was made completely commission free.

It was publsihed in  The Independent - one of the UK's most popular online publications - as a part of their series on game changing products. 

To us, it's so much more than a review. Eleanor shares her personal encounter with dehydration and the devastating effects of it, as a result of her mum's progressing Alzheimer's. We believe that anyone affected by dementia, will be able to relate to her story. 

"When my mum was hospitalised for the second time with dehydration related issues, I was at a loss at how to up her water intake without the indignity of forcing it down her. Then I found Jelly Drops, a gloriously simple solution to a complex problem..."

If you want to read the full review, visit The Independent here.